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The Art of Collaboration

Collaboration has become a critical capacity in today’s highly competitive climate.

Collaboration is the key to high performance, higher productivity, creativity and innovation.

The foundation for effective collaboration lies in the level of emotional intelligence and social skills individuals have. This is surrounded by the “Law of Agreement” that says that collaboration is the source of all productivity, that we do it with explicit of implicit agreements and we can get much better and more intentional about it.  That’s where my work begins.

I add to that what I call  “Agreement’s for Results” that provide the container for expressing shared vision and the road map to it. It consists of a dialogue around the ten essential elements necessary to express the shared vision in a way everyone can agree to. Add to that a better way of thinking about conflict which I say consists of the ten principles of “Resolutionary Thinking.” There is one more critical piece – a conversational model for moving through the inevitable conflicts that come up so you can have it and you have sustainable collaboration. Those are included in “The Cycle of Resolution.”

So if you want to learn how to be a better collaborator please check out my session

Stewart Levine
Resolution Works

Stewart can be reached at resolutionworks@msn.com





  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Stewart Levine at Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco, where he hosted a table discussion on collaboration. Stewart has written three books on this subject, and is truly an expert co-creator!

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